It’s a game most fans look out for when the fixture list comes out but there will be no sterner test this season than when Tottenham come to town.  Spurs have become a well drilled outfit this season, even down to ensuring they get marginal penalty calls.  Meanwhile, the Hammers need a couple more points to ensure safety and be able to relax going into our final games against Liverpool and Burnley.

According to the Guardian, these last games will define his future but I think the board already know, though which they will act, I can’t yet tell.  Just as last season did not mean Bilic is a managerial genius, this season does not mean he is a managerial failure.  He is still learning, especially when it comes to the Prem, and the fact is he exists in a world between the two.  He is a competent manager who will have his ups and downs.  There are very few managers who are not like this and those that are will be out of our salary range.

I’m all for giving Slaven another season.  With the Payet and Stadium issues largely behind us, a decent transfer window could see a good season.  We certainly have the foundations with the likes of Reid, Antonio and Lanzini, add a bit more depth and magic and we could be there.  Come on you Irons!

  • Mibatch

    I like Billic but don’t like his stubbornness at times. Like when he insists on playing people out of position. I think that when Kouate played at full back it actually cost us a few points. It is also disappointing that he lets all younger players go on loan ‘to improve’ but look at other clubs that have seen 18 year olds suddenly transform. His buying has not been of the best and we don’t know if that is his fault or not!!. Am I talking myself out of Bilic remaining? I honestly don’t know but no tears either way. If he stays I just hope that he can (be allowed) buy well. Unfortunately i feel a lot of ‘names’ will not want to come at the moment unless ridiculous money is involved. Please, please Come on you Irons.