There is even more talk tonight of Sam Allardyce's future and I'm sure the fans are as sick of it as Sam is.  All I hope is that the board are decisive followng the final whistle of the final game.  As to whether Big Sam should stay, I'm actually indifferent.  I don't think it will be a disaster if he is our manager next season.  It will keep us safe and we will be a prem team going into the Olympic, but there is also a sense that it won't be much of an adventure.  Considering our possible venture to Europe, an adventure is really what we could do with, and maybe a change will lift the indifference which has coated our support this season.

So I thought I'd run a poll and see where the land lies with my fellow fans.  Do you want the hand of stability with Big Sam?  A European adventure with Slaven?  An experiment with Little Kev?  Let me know your thoughts below, I'll keep it open for a few days…


  • Why has none thought of the obvious??? Brendan Rogers when he leaves Liverpool anyone???

  • Peter Walters

    I did think of that and it could well be a good choice as could Sean Dyche; but two who don’t ever seem to get a mention but who I think would be great choices are the two Dutch Franks, De Boer and Rijkaard. What d’ye think?

  • John

    I think Michael Laudrup would be a good choice. He has won more trophies in 1 season with Swansea than Moyes did in 11 seasons with Everton. Laudrup has just won the double in Quatar with Lekhwiya in his first season as well. Besidesm Lekhwiya is leading their Asian Champions League group.
    Most important of all: Laudrup can find and attract excellent players even under a small budget as he did at Swansea. I like his football philosophy with eye catching fluid attacking football. That he isn’t on your list is beyond me, but good that you’ve started this debate.

  • whufc

    13% want fat sam… deluded???????

  • Ryan

    Rogers is a no no for me! No one likes playing for him and it seems he has no respect for a club he just walks in messes it about and then gets sacked or leaves!. Dyche is not really experienced in the pl only having one season and look how that ended. For me it can only be Benitez or klopp! One young manager with a very bright future a head of him with any club or a wiser older head who’s bean there won it and got the t shirt… Benitez or klopp please dave n dave 🙂

  • Dennis Rommedahl

    Morten Olsen for sure!

  • jojouk

    steve clark anyone ?