It's pretty simple really, tomorrow we have to win and drag ourselves away from the heap at the bottom.  The teams around us can easily get points, so it's crucial we don't allow daylight to creep between us and our rivals at the bottom.  Bizzarely, I did feel that this was the more winnable game of the Wolves/Stoke duet, Wolves had hit some form and have plenty to play for, whereas Stoke, battlers that they are, can still afford to relax a bit more.

This is the team we need to put out to win it;


Daprela – Upson – Gabbidon – Faubert

Diamanti – Parker – Behrami – Stanislas

Cole  – Franco

Bench: Stetch, Da Costa, Spector, Dyer, Mido, Mccarthy and Noble

There can be no mucking about tomorrow, and after the pressure of Tuesday night, we need to keep the atmosphere loud but relaxed, we can't get on the backs of the lads if we are not 3-0 up after 10 minutes, we need to keep making noise and cheer them on for the 90.  Come on you Irons!

  • Lee Potter

    Being a life long follower/suppoerter, I am pushed to find a reason why this team shoudld stay in the premire league. I live in the USA and get up at the arse crack of dawn to watch West Ham loose game, after game, after game. Sat through the Stoke game and felt the frustration build up. And once again they give away another cheap goal. Is it Zola’s fault? I don’t think all the blame should be on him, there are 11 others who should share this blame for they simple don’t perform.
    The fans get behind them every game but what return do we get. We get weak performances and frustration.
    I feel sorry for those fathfull fans who shell out 35 quid to see this second rate, unpationate team.

  • Ben McFeeters

    Very true Lee, unpassionate seems to sum things up.