West Ham have confirmed that due to the muppets (for want of a better word) blighting our city, the Carling Cup match tomorrow is now off.  The game has been called off at the request of the police.  I'm assuming this is more about freeing their resources for other matters rather than any major risk of the match.  This is a real shame as it gave us a chance to bounce back after Sunday's defeat, but I sympathise with the club's position.

Confirmed on official site here

  • Claretnblues

    I’ll give you a better word for them! SCUM!
    I too can sympathise with the position the club are in and I’m sure Sam wanted this game to try out a few fringe players and to put a few demons from Sunday to sleep but it’s just not going to happen unfortunately.
    I hope every single one of these scumbags that are running around London thinking they are some kind of vigilante gangster gets punished to the full extent of the law!
    Once more, SCUM!

  • freeble

    I agree with Claretnblues! They deserve a punishment!

  • craig lemon

    i fucking h8 the knob ends .. i was looking forward to the shots hicking the hammers ass … love the shots

  • penny

    Disgraceful!!! Do we know wen it will now commence