Well, there was not much surprise about the result yesterday, though it was tinged with some frustration as there were certainly times in the game yesterday when we could have at least have got a point from the game.  Diamanti's missed penalty and Cole's shaving of the post were both missed opportunities and in the end, Arsenal's class gave them the points they probably just about deserved.

In terms of the team, I hope we go out with more strength on Tuesday night against Wolves.  Cole and Mccarthy must be the goal threat to start with and Parker will presumably be re-instated.  For me this would be at the expense of Stanislas.  In spite of having one of his better games, I would put Stan on the bench and keep Diamanti in, it's his creativity that the front two will feed off.

So, Zola has rested and chopped and changed in our two 'no pointers' against Chelsea and Arsenal, now he has to make sure we are settled and ready for the two six pointers on Tuesday and Saturday.  Beating Wolves would put us in a more relaxed mode for Stoke on saturday and give a 6 point gap between us and the bottom.  It's a big one and we have to get right behind the Hammers for it, fingers crossed….

  • We went to Arsenal without belief, the game turned in our favour, but we didn’t believe, and just carried on as normal.
    Wolves went to Villa with belief, and got a point.
    On Tuesday, Wolves will come to Upton Park with belief due again to Mick M. Will our manager just us enough belief to win – sorry, I’m really sorry – but I still have hope.

  • You seem to have problems settling down finding a team that works and performs. With only eight games left I believe you are living very dangerous.
    After four lost games in a row against teams on the upper half I know that everybody expects you to win on Tuesday. But that was what everybody expected at Villa Park as well.
    You must play the best football this season to get three pints from us. We play much better than our position in the tables at the moment. I believe that the most probable result is a draw. A result that both team can live with as well.

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  • what a load of rubbish

  • Re the above; I have supported West Ham for some 50 years now and in that time I have seen some great players playing for peanuts!
    So,why is it that given today’s players earn far too much money than they deserve(based on performances)and why don’t they play with a bit of pride for the shirt any more?
    I may well decide to keep my money in my pocket when it comes to renewing my season ticket.