Will Zlatan Ibrahimovic join West Ham?

It’s a question that has most West Ham fans looking at you like you’ve got off at the wrong planet – but then again, a season of Lanzini and Payet has already flabbergasted most Hammers fans, so who knows? He is quite possibly one of the most wanted players to be available on a Bosman transfer for some time and he could pretty much choose his club and his salary, so are West Ham in the mix?

European football may provide part of the answer – if West Ham get into the Champions League, then we become a much more attractive proposition for many players who may not have otherwise fancied a life in East London.  Europa League may get some interest, but I would imagine Zlatan would want to see himself performing at the top level of football, so if we don’t get into the CL, we can probably kiss any hope goodbye.  Another major factor will be the Olympic Stadium – if this does get worldwide coverage for creating a great atmosphere and becoming a place people want to play, that could be a big draw for a player who believes he belongs on the centre stage.

Some have said that Zlatan may be too egotistical a player and will disrupt the harmony of the current team.  I disagree and think Slaven and his staff would be more than able to handle a player like Zlatan.  Just look at how Dimitri Payet, even though he is getting all the plaudits, is still loved by his team and works his backside off for them.  I think Zlatan will be embraced and lvoed by his teammates, provided of course he fulflls his duty at the other end of the pitch, which I’m sure he will.


Sky Bet has us at 18/1 at the moment – I’d be holding off until an FA Cup appearance or Champions League place is secured before putting my heard earned cash there.