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West Ham fans receive apology

So, an email poppped into my inbox this morning from David Sullivan.  I thought he might be praising the blog, but it turns out it's an email sent to all fans apologising for Tuesday night's shambolic performance and asking them to back the team on Saturday.  You can read the full text here

I've read it a couple of times and mulled it over, and I think good on him and the club.  For the past couple of seasons we have had layers of creditors and banks running the club, with no real public face save for the PR of Scott Duxbury.  Now, our owners are supporters and we know they are feeling our pain.  More than that they are being open and honest about our predicament.  They can also see part of the problem at the moment is the atmosphere around Upton Park, it's a kettle of frustration waiting to boil over.  It could be turned into something so much more useful in terms of backing the team.  Yes, they let us down on Tuesday, badly, and it hurt, but Saturday is another day and they need our help to fight. 

West Ham Blog is fully behind the chairmen and the team for Saturday and we've got to give them our full support.

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