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West Ham “committed to retaining Avram Grant”

Following the most recent debacle for the club, West Ham have finally released a statement saying that Avram is staying and they have identified potential transfer targets who they are pursuing.  The statement comes as a response to allegations in the Mirror that Karren Brady texted senior players to create some sort of coup against Avram.  The club have refuted the allegations, but maybe that is the price you pay for being seen schmoozing with the editor of the Sun on TV, other newspapers are going to be out to get you.  Possibly not the best strategic move at this time?

Quite where this puts the club right now, I don't know, a loss against Everton on Saturday and the questions will start again.  And will anyone want to sign for us with the continued un-certainty and up-heaval?  Probably no one of quality, that's for sure.  As for Avram, we have to continue to support him and get behind the team.  We are but 3 points from safety and I believe we can haul ourselves out of it.  But the club must live up to its name, we must be West Ham UNITED……

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