Upton Gardens – Take a look at the new flats at Upton Park

Upton Park is slowly fading as memory but the wounds may well be re-opened with the announcement that the public can register for the flats at the newly named Upton Gardens.

There are 842 properties in total, ranging from one to four bedroom homes.  The site includes a fitness centre, underground parking, 24 hour concierge and private outdoor space.  Starting to sound more Chelsea than West Ham in all honesty.

Upton gardens

(image courtesy of Barratt Homes)

I sincerely hope that the development works for the area.  As we know, many businesses have been affected by West Ham moving to Stratford, such as the Pie and Mash Shop and Ken’s Cafe, and this development could hopefully seen an upturn in fortunes for them.  Tough Ken’s Cafe may have to start selling Lattes and Croissants rather than double egg and chips.

Meanwhile, the London Stadium is starting to feel more like home.  Against Leicester on Saturday there was a good atmosphere, certainly helped by the vocal away fans and hopefully we are reaching a tipping point on and off in the pitch in our favour.