The Blizzard Magazine

Much as I love writing about the Hammers, I also like to read about anything football related.  Whilst 442 and When Saturday Comes have been an excellent refuge for me in the past few years, I've never felt that really good football writing was to be found on the web, outside of newspapers, until now.

The Blizzard magazine is a pdf file you can download.  Like a Radiohead album, you pay what you think it's worth, although rather strangely you have to make that judgement before you've actually read it.  But it's definitely worthwhile, I haven't read all the articles, but Paul Tomkins writing about one of my obsessions, managers who succeed at one club, but not at others, was enough to show me this is a class above.

So, once you've finished reading West Ham Blog of course, take yourself to the Blizzard, drop them a few pennies and have a right good read.