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Should Avram stay or go?

Let’s face it, last night was nothing short of shocking.  We let off the lads for the performance at Anfield as an off night, but you only get one of those a season and last night’s performance was a sham.  Some people had thought Kovac had a renaissance period of late, but I was never convinced.  He is one of the poorest players to put on a Hammers shirt that I’ve ever seen, and I saw Alex Bunbury.  We should do all we can to get rid of him this window.  Meanwhile Fred Piquoinne looked very dis-interested, a shame as he has been okay in some games, but he looked like he’d rather be at home watching Arsenal.

As for Avram, I’m still undecided as to whether we should get rid.  This show was on the back of four un-defeated, and a couple of good signings in the window could see things go okay.  On the other hand, how can a team go out to a match so poor?  What do you think?  Should he stay or go?  Use the poll below and let the club know what you think…

Sorry guys, due to techincal issues I’ve published the poll on the left hand side…

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