Report reveals embarrassing statistic for West Ham

The entire West Ham United team made fewer passes than Manchester City midfielder Rodri when the two sides met at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday evening, according to The Telegraph.

The statistic says a lot about how the Hammers went about their business when they faced the current champions, with them adopting a mentality of keeping the score down in a damage limitation sort of exercise, rather than look to get something positive out of the game.

There were times when teams in the situation that West Ham are currently in can be forgiven for being defensive and looking to contain, but when sides go down that route, they generally at least look to retain possession when they have it, in the hope it leads to a set piece which they could yield an effort on goal from.

Much to the annoyance of Hammers’ supporters though, their side did not even do that, resulting in zero shots on target in the entire game, and never giving off the impression they were there to do anything but keep the score down.

Although it was a sign of what West Ham were up against, the fact that one of City’s lesser lights was able to complete more passes than every player on the pitch from the Londoners combined, spoke volumes of the negative approach David Moyes embarked upon.

Hammers fans might have been more sympathetic of the tactics that were employed at the Etihad if they had seen something positive from their side, but that was not the case, and now they are fearing similar when they head to Anfield to take on leaders Liverpool on Monday evening.

The Reds have not lost a single game this season, so the potential for West Ham to break out in an attacking approach is considered unlikely, although whatever style is utilised, supporters will be hoping they keep the ball better than they did in Manchester.