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McCarthy Departs – Catering Company set for losses

Benni McCarthy has officially left West Ham.  Apparently he made 14 appearances but I don't remember any of them.  McCarthy was purchased as part of the survival punt that saw Ilan, Mido and himself join the club in the transfer window last season to keep us up.  Suprisingly, it was Ilan whose goals contributed most to our security, and it was McCarthy who proved the biggest disappointment.  Just a few years ago, he was Champions League striker who was a start for his native South Africa as well.  By the time he joined us however, he was allegedly dealing with weightier issues and never gained the confidence of the management. 

I hope the club have managed to make some savings on his early departure.  I usually wish players luck when they leave and look forward to seeing them at Upton Park again in the future.  But in his case, I really couldn't give a monkey's….

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