Just a few things happened today then…

Well, apparently, west Ham have got a new stadium.

'arry Redknapp faces court for tax evasion

And the Hammers face a tough test against West Brom this weekend who announced Roy Hodgson as the new manager.

So, first up the new stadium.  Like I said earlier in the week, it's the new reality of football, and the fact we have an impressive stadium as the Olympic is no mean feat.  I love Upton Park as much as anyone, I've been going there since 1982.  I was there when the 'crowd almost sucked it in' as Ray Stewart scored a penalty against Ipswich to take us as close to the title as we ever have been, right up to Carlton Cole rolling one past Foster to give us Wembley dreams.  But we have to move on and the Olympic Stadium is the gifthorse we could not afford to ignore. 

What's been rather disgusting for me is the 'throwing their toys out of the pram' attitude of Spurs.  Alan Sugar has been throwing his weight around, as if anyone gives a toss what he thinks, whilst Levy is demanding legal measures to ensure we keep to our plans.  Sorry Levy, this has got nothing to do with you now, so concentrate on finding your little club a clubhouse to play in and stop worrying about us.  Remember the last time a club messed with us was Sheffield United, and look where they are now.

Anyhoo, on to tomorrow's test against the Baggies and we are no doubt in for a tricky time.  Our first choice centre halves are both out, so it's another real test for Reid and Da Costa at the back.  I think Reid is growing as a player and if he can get over his visible nerves, he can turn into a decent player for us.  Keane is also out for a few weeks, Ba looked like an interesting player when he cam on against Birmingham and I reckon his unknown quantity could be worth a start.


Bridge – Reid – Da Costa – Jacobsen

Obinna – Parker – Noble – O'Neill

Piquoinne – Ba

Bench : Boffin, Cole, Spence, Faubert, Kovac, Sears and Boa-Morte

The Baggies have not been on the best form of late, but they may be looking to impress new manager Roy Hodgson, who won't actually be in charge for the game.  But I reckon we can nick this one and I'm going for a 1-2 win for the Hammers.  Come on you Irons!!!