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Joe Cole Returns

It's not exactly a secret now that Joe Cole is a Hammer again, after spending a couple of days having a medical and training with the lads.  Mixed feelings about this one to be honest, I was a big fan when he burst onto the scene with us a youngster and thought he'd go onto great things.  He has certainly achieved quite a bit but without having the world at his feet as it once looked.  His appearance record recently is not as bad as it feels like, perhaps it just felt worse as he was regularly dropped by Chelsea and Liverpool, but I certainly hope he stays injury free.

Positionally as a signing he makes sense, he can play on the left as an attacking midfielder but could also slip into a Noble or Nolan type role as well.  In his defence, he could have also stayed at Liverpool as well, taking a nice wage and not having to work too hard for it, so he has the hunger.  For me, although he is a Hammer, he has as much if not more to prove before we love him again, be interesting to see….

Other news suggests Chamakh is on his way on loan, a signing that makes sense although suggests that Maiga may be moving down the pecking order.  We certainly need an addition up front and I feel Chamakh has never been given much time or patience at Arsenal and a new start could be just what the doctor ordered.  Good to see us doing our business early doors though and not succmbing to last minute panic buys, nice work owners!

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