Hammers staring into the abyss

I wrote a few months ago that my lack of blogging was down to there not being much to say.  We looked like we had become a solid, mid-table team, we made some seemingly reasonable signings over the Summer and kicked off with a comfortable 2-0 win at home to Cardiff.  All seemed well on the good ship West Ham.  The fuel for blogging was passion or anger, and neither was rearing its head.  But boy, has it now!

First to our so called captain Kevin Nolan.  Whilst he has had a poor season, there was a chance of a goal with him on the pitch.  However, he seems to not be wanting to spend any time on the pitch, with his second sending off of this season today of all days.  His reds have not even come out of necessity, they seem to come from boredom or frustration, which is hardly captaincy material.  What example is it to Ravel Morrison and other youngsters when they see their experienced captain raking his studs down an opposition player?  Kevin Nolan must be stripped of his captaincy immediately and made to sit on the bench until he has earned the right to come back for us, not be the first name on the teamsheet like he has.

Next to our manager Sam Allardyce.  There are many who have never warmed to Sam, but I had a lot of respect for the first time promotion and subsequent safe season we had back.  They were good achievements for which he did not seem to get the credit he deserved.  However, the tide has certainly turned and my respect for his is waning.  Yes, we have undoubtledly been beset by injuries, but was the sam the only who could not see an Andy Carroll injury coming?  Downing was a good signing for sure, but we had to have cover and the decision seemed to be we could cope without him.  This is clearly not true. 

To be honest, right now, if I was told Sam had been moved on and Malky Mackay was set to take over, I really would not be upset.  We need new ideas, new invention, as what we are doing is not working.  Isn't the definition of madness trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?  In which case, Sam has clearly gone a bit ga-ga, as his percentage game of getting the ball in the box is failing with no one reliable to put it away.

Anyway, rant over, let me know what you think in the comments section as to whehter Sam should stay or go…