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Hammers set to axe number two

Not had a chance to post about Saturday, but what is there to say besides it was the most awful performance I've seen us put in for a while.  With the exception of Green, Noble and Jacobsen, each player out there should look at themselves and ask if they deserve to pick up their wages after a show like that, especially Kovac and Illunga who are currnetly on a fast track to the door marked exit.

Anyway, there seems to be all sorts of politics going on behind the scenes, which does not excuse the players out of the most important 90 minutes of their work a week, but may explain it.  As a result, the This is London website is reporting that Zleko Petrovic will be on his way shortly.  This I guess buys Avram some more time as well as allowing a new nubmer two to come in and influence things.  I'm not sure how 'big' a name we want here, too big and the speculation about Avram's job will be with us every day, too small and nothing will really change.  I hope the board make the right decision on this one.

Come on Hammers, let's sort out this mess and pull ourselves out of the rabble…..

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