Gabbidon Twitter Outburst

Danny Gabbidon has added fuel to the ill feeling between fans and club today with a no holds barred outburst on his Twitter account.

Gabbidon twitter

I don't know the messages he received in order to respond in such a way – there are no doubt some keyboard warriors who can be pretty abusive and hideous, but to word the tweet in such a way just days after Carlton Cole was hauled in front of the FA is careless at best.  Ironically, I thought Gabs had a decent game when he came on for Da Costa yesterday, certainly not one of the worse performers on the pitch.  And as I said the other day, the advent of Twitter is a good thing in terms of communication between fans and players and it clearly has a downside.  Not every person is suited to such a platform and it appears it is not suited to Danny Gabbidon.