Burnley slaughtered…Hammers survive

Whilst the mathematical possibility of Hull winning two games and 6-0 and us losing by the same amount, could, in altenate universe happen, it does seem that West Ham will be playing Premier League football next season after Burnley were beaten 4-0 at Turf Moor today.  While I enjoyed the drama of yesterday, it once again showed the weaknesses we have.  Wigan, like Sunderland before them, were probably the better side, but the crowd and Scott Parker gave us the momentum for the crucial points.

I've already been through why I don't see the last game of the season agaisnt City as a celebration, but as the closing of a window of time I'd rather forget.  Whilst the players attitude towards Zola is admirable, their perfomances have not been and it's not something I want to sit through next season.  Barely turning up at Liverpool, being crushed by Wolves and Bolton at home, simply should not have happened and cannot be repeated.  I still expect that Zola and Clarke will leave at the end of the season and I still think it is the right thing for them to do.  It's been an adventure, occasionally fun, but the lack of progress, the bad use of subs, the sticking with players clearly not up to it and the tactical naievety are too much to bear again.

But let's leave that for a couple of weeks, today we can smile, we can have a beer, knowing that this is the lifetime plight of a West Ham fan.  It's never easy but it's always interesting.  We're safe, we can watch the other dramas in the Premier League in a relaxed fashion and enjoy it.

And we must ensure that Peter Reid does not cross the threshold of Upton Park until Stoke visit us again.