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Amalfitano leaves West Ham

Morgan Amalfitano has left West Ham United, under that delightful euphenism ‘mutual consent’ ie someone said leave and he said okay.  The contract has been paid up and a player who in spite of a couple of sparkling moments never really felt like a true hammer has gone.  Having arrived on a one year deal, I always felt the move to offer him a longer contract felt rushed and not entirely necessary.  He was never a key component of the squad and his role seemed to be one of limited impact substitute.

It became clear in a short time under the reign of Slaven that Morgan was not see his bench warming role progress and an apparent falling out placed the final nail in the coffin.  I feel at best indifferent to his leaving and I imagine he will ply his somewhat moody trade in the French leagues from here on in.  I like the way any player who is not buying into the game plan is moved on, it breeds unity in the squad and ensures everyone plays ball.  Good move from the Hammers.  I wish Morgan well and hope he finds his mojo somewhere, but let’s not pretend he will be greatly missed….

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