Allardyce set to become a Hammer?

With the shocking result on saturday followed by the shock news that Sam Allardyce has been sacked by Blackburn, it's amazing my hair is not standing on end with 15,000 voltz pulsating through it.  Avram Grant must be wondering what he has to do in order to get sacked, having seen two managers in far loftier heights than ours get the P45 waved in their face in the last week.  So, would Allardyce be the man to ride in on a (re-inforced) white horse and rescue the Hammers season?

Well, the first consideration in bringing in a new manager is cost, and the Davids can save themselves some cash as there will be no compensation to pay Blackburn, just the cost of getting rid of Avram (or saving that cost by 'moving him upstairs).

Secondly, will we be any better off under Sam?  Well, you can't argue that the man has saved the bacon of clubs, namely Blackburn and Bolton.  At Newcastle he was on a hiding to nothing and was given no chance to settle there, so that time can be written off.  He does have a record of making his teams hard to beat, but i have to say they looked pretty easy to beat at Old Trafford the other week.

Finally, would the Hammers fan accept him?  Some may be realists and say that we should be kept up at any costs, and if the cost is sacrificing the football principles of the academy, then so be it.  Others would rather see us going down trying to play our way out of it.

It's going to be an interesting week I feel and funnily enough it will culminate in a trip to Ewood Park.  Could the uncertainty at Blackburn give Avram a stay of execution with a result up there?  Or will this be the straw breaking the back of the Davids that sees new blood coming in.  Interesting times indeed….