All Quiet on the Eastern Front…

Well, today was meant to be the day and they were right, it was a day but as far as West Ham's ownership goes, nothing is any clearer.  I've not commented on the on-going issue of our ownership that much, mostly becuase the finances are confusing and hidden amongst smoke and mirrors and there has been alot of spin without much purchase.

That's not to say I've not been following it, I have, avidly, including the mental asylum that is coming up to 1000 pages on the Hammers forum but really it's some ITKs (or IDKs in most cases) speculating on what will be and the truth is, we won't know until it happens.  Even journalists are shooting in the dark, with the Telegraph today predicting it will Tony Fernandes while the Sun was still suggesting the Gold and Sullivan show would ride into town.  The BBC is now reporting the owner of Cagliari, Massimo Cellini has emerged as a very interested party.

Who do we want it to be?  Opinion is divided, especially as the players behind Intermarket have been veiled in secrecy.  I like G&S's Premier League experience, Intermarket's long term view, the cash of Fernandes.  We don't want that much, we're not expecting a Chelsea/Man City situation, we just want to keep the good players we have (Green, Parker, Upson, Cole, Behrami) and to add to the squad in areas of weakness.  A defence minded right back, cover up-front and a creative left winger would certainly be a good start.

Anyway, the news is that there is no news and we will all be relieved when this is over and the Hammers can move on from the shambolic period we have endured since the Icelandics came to town.