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Aston Villa 3 West Ham 0

The bubble of pre-season optimism was quickly burst for West Ham today as an abject performance saw us kick off the new season with a defeat.  But it’s not just the defeat that is casting the black cloud, but the nature of it with many of last season’s frailties quickly exposed once again.

The majority of those lie at the back, where Green, Upson and Tomkins seem to bear psychological scars which leaves confidence teetering like a glass at the edge of a bar from the kick off.  Green’s overall judgement has detiorated and with that his sense of invicibility.  I still believe he is a good keeper, but perhaps like Paul Robinson, he needs a move to re-discover himself.  Upson needs to decide if he is a Hammer or not and Tomkins looks like he could do with a spell on loan to grow as a player.  Winston Reid had a below par debut but I think he gets to call in a few performances before we pass judgement.  He looks like much more of a centre half than a right back for me though.

But really, I’m struggling to see anyone who covered themselves in glory today, our best player was probably Noble but even he drifted in and out.  Parker took an hour to warm up, Cole’s touch left him again and the sooner Kovac buys a one way to Stoke, the better.

On the positive side, Avram did not hesitate to make changes and he can now see where the squad needs strengthening.  The Daves seem prepard to continue to support him and although BenHaim and Da Costa are working their way back, another recruit a right back must be a priority.

So, a dissapointment no doubt, but as other results today have shown, there are much weaker teams around who we must ensure we take the points from.  Let’s get behind the boys next week at home to Bolton.  Chin up Irons!

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