Match Fixer by Neil Humphreys

I got an email from a fellow Hammer today who wanted to make me aware of his new fictional book about the Hammers, Match Fixer.  I've not had a chance to read it yet but it sounds like great fun, I'll let the author, Neil Humphreys, introduce himself and the book to you all…. Neil … Read more

Mido signs four month contract

Slightly under-whelmed by this one, but I didn't realise he was only 26, I thought he was well into his thirties, seems to have been around for ages.  I guess he is okay back up for the first choice of Mccarthy and Cole.  Ilan deal still in negotiation, these things can happen after the deadline … Read more

Benni Mccarthy signing confirmed

Which is a relief as I was starting to get nervous, but all confirmed on the official site and the lad has been on Sky Sports News and he sounded genuinely pleased to be joining us.  Welcome Benni, we look forward to seeing you banging some goals in the back of the net soon. Ilan … Read more

End of an error…

Nigel Quashie has left the Hammers for QPR, nice to see Gold and Sullivan starting the clear out.  Quashie's eight appearances in four years will not be remembered with much affection.  If anything summed up the carelessness of the Icelandic age, this is it.  Confirmed on the official site.  Meanwhile, Josh Payne has also joined … Read more

Hammers put life into dull transfer window

Well, there has not exactly been lots of interest so far in this month's transfer window, suggesting that belt tightening is going on at a variety of clubs.  Which I think makes it good news for the buyers, as clubs are desperate to recoup revenue they may have carelessly splurged in the past few years. … Read more

West Ham United on Twitter

Well, it's been an incredible day, pretty historic if you are a Hammers fan.  For the first time we got an understanding of the state of the club and how close we were to some serious trouble and selling some key players.  At the same time, Sullivan and Gold have ridden into town, with Gold's … Read more

Hammers show fight with point at Villa

A very nerve-wracking 90 minutes there but the Hammers came through and I felt really proud of all the lads today.  We set out very nicely with a 5 man midfield which stifled Villa's usual quick passing way forward,  This was changed in the second half, forced by Kovac teetering on a red and protecting … Read more