There are a number of rumours circulating about the hammers signing gob chucking midfielder El Hadj Diouf. Simply put, I and many other Hammers fans do not want him anywhere near Upton Park. Big Sam should heed this warning – I'm prepared for some industrial football to get us up to the premier league, and I will back the pragmatism of doing so. What I won't do is cheer for a player who allegedly spat at West Ham fans on a previous occasion and generally has the character references of a benevolent dictator. This is not a signing that will work, and besides, he just ain't that good anyway. Leave a message in the comments for the board to see how much we do not want him wearing our colours…

  • stephen

    I will give up going to watch the club I love if that arsehole signs for us

  • Steven king

    I don’t want him at upton park , if we get him and he plays whiles I’m at the game I will run to the front of the stand and gob at him even if he’s celebrating a goal . Racis skum

  • justin

    Honestly di canio was a problem child just as much as diouf. If he signs and helps us them then great.

  • Steven king

    @Justin but di canio never spat at a west ham fan and that skum did ,

  • A Wise Hammer

    Sam has a job to do, so leave him to do it !

  • dave

    I agree with Justin

  • Steven king

    Diouf spat at two fans one a West Ham fan and told a young ball boy to “fuck of White boy ” and had fights with mangers one was niel Lennon . And dicanio just pushed a ref over and had a little temper , big diferrents

  • Steven king

    Diouf spat at two fans one a West Ham fan and told a young ball boy to “fuck of White boy ” and had fights with mangers one was niel Lennon . And dicanio just pushed a ref over and had a little temper , big diferrents

  • Dale Mitchell

    This so called man is the scum of the earth and i will be slagging him off if he wears the claret and blue, he ani’nt wanted here so spit the dog diouf go flob on some other club, cause your not flobbing on mine you sick cock head

  • Not only is it bad enough spitting at our fans but he spat in te face of an 11 year old football fan. Dicanio was passionate diouf is a lowlife racist thug. Even if he was as good as messi I would never want him at our club

  • Rukker

    I say leave it to big Sam to decide as that is his job, not ours !

  • Englandsnumber6

    Tevez is the biggest trouble maker in football, we had Bowyer twice, Dicanio, Bellamy, Dyer, and was trying to sign Barton ! Who cares if he gets us up. All footballers are part time only here for the money, hate them all but let’s not be stupid, like most of your comments.

  • Neil Triphook

    I was at Anfield when this piece of filth spat at us
    He is and always will be complete rubbish and should not be allowed anywhere near Upton Park
    Vermin and an average player too
    Are we really taht desparate ?

  • sudburyhammer

    i wont be going over there if they sign him end of

  • Any0ldIron

    Sometimes we have to accept that there are things more important than winning football matches, like common decency and basic good manners. I’m as passionate about WHUFC as any one and have been for almost 50 years. So I say we have a choice, we can stand up and be counted and let the board know that we would rather stand for decency and some good old fashioned East End values or we take the view that winning football matches is the most important thing in the world, so go and sign any low life scum bag you can get your hands on and let them set an example for our kids, but if you do I for one will not be attending UP anymore!

  • sudburyhammer

    No honour in anything these days its all about the money can you imagine RON GREENWOOD or JOHN LYLE thinking about signing this man or BONZO playing in the same team as him i think not

  • Woolystone

    @Stephen King. Di Canio has had as many fights with managers as Diouf has. Diouf may have said ‘fuck off white boy’ but Di Canio’s right wing views are also well documented.
    I’m not saying I like Diouf, but I don’t actually like many footballers – another idiot doesn’t bother me too much.

  • Mike Hamilton

    Well the board might as well forget their ‘kids for a quid’ deals to build a young fan base – what right minded parent would want their kid to watch diouf as an example of sportsmanship.
    And shame on you who mentioned DiCanio in the same breath as this animal! If he comes to West Ham then I’ll stop going to Upton Park, and my first match was in 1958.

  • pompeyhammer

    Don’t like the bloke but on the other hand when he played for bolton he always scored against us, maybe when he signs if he apologises or helps us win promotion I have no problems with that.

  • pompeyhammer

    Also to all those “I won’t be going over there if he signs” could you be talking anymore out your arse. Two things if you have a season ticket you wouldn’t just give it up. Secondly you probably don’t even go. I’ve been a season ticket holder since i was 9 but i have been going since i was 7 I now live in portsmouth i still go to every weekend home game and been to 4 away games this season no matter who we have out there i’ll support my club!

  • John

    I’m struggling to see any positives to this proposed transfer. The man is pure scum, not just because he thinks nothing of spitting at West Ham fans or any others for that matter, but his general manner and personality are proof enough. I can understand why some fans are only interested in what’s best for West Ham to ensure we gain promotion, but can anyone honestly say that this should include Diouf. The man is average at best and would generate such negativity amongst the fans it would never ever be in the best interests of West Ham to sign him. I for one hope Big Sam and the board take notice of this and realise that this is one option they should walk as far away from as possible.

  • I’ve been going to The Boleyn Ground since 1967 and I will not attend another game if they sign Diouf, he’s absolutely useless as a player and “DOES NOT SCORE GOALS”; also he’s vile person in general and will get the same abuse as Ince and Lampard…we got enough mediocre players as it is without this idiot!

  • sudburyhammer

    Totaly agree anyoldiron i m also talking out of my arse ive only got 2 season tickets but stand on me they wont see me at anymore home games just try for away games and i live in suffolk and four of us go to every home game so that will be four of us not going

  • G

    Agree with this, but we have had a much more vile person in Bowyer sign for the club twice, without anywhere near this level of outcry!
    People were also begging Sam to go out and get Barton not long ago.
    Diouf is just a pantomime baddie compared to these two. Almost every negative reported against him on tour initial news story are just unfounded allegations. That said I don’t want him at the club, but mostly because he’s crap.
    I agree with the stance on players that are racists; I just wish we all stuck to this when signing such players before and stopped (or at least challenged) racist singing when Tottenham visit.

  • joe

    we don,t want you any where near our club stay away you dirty scum.

  • devitt

    I think all you so-called die hard fans need to get off sams back, he knows more about the game than any of ya’s, yeah EHD is scum but he’s got far more quality than anyone else that is available. I can’t believe you people who keep saying they won’t go to see west ham because of one signing, you are really true supporters aren’t ya (not!) Go support spurs or something, you obviously don’t want to see us bk in the premiership! Its annoying seeing our own fans turning their back on the club coz they don’t like a player. I thought the idea was to get the best players that are available for the positions you have to fill and who plays best for the team, not who’s got the best personality and the nicest person, if that is the case then west ham should sign my grandad because he is one of the nicest blokes on the planet and I think he would make all you humpy west ham fans happy (even though he can’t even kick a ball)

  • Fred

    please God no!! Don’t let that oaf Allardyce sign that scumbag! If he signs I will not go to another game! The man is scum.

  • Cambridge-Hammer

    Signing Diouf is like signing Bowyer in my opnion. Could have done without Bowyer and hope we don’t make the same mistake with Diouf. However, if Sam signs him and gets us to the Prem and changes Diouf’s character I may put up with it.

  • Rodney

    Pass. I’d put that in all caps if all caps wasn’t so damn annoying. You spit on a West Ham fan…and then expect us to pay you to play? Yeaaaaa……no.