Another stubborn performance from the lads today saw us pick up 3 points at Hull City for the first time in over 50 years.  This achievement still won't stop the part time percy's and the 'West Ham way' rubbish they come out with, but for real fans it's a revelation to watch the club continue to be hard to beat.

It was no classic by any means, but strong performances by Faye and Green at the back, a revelatory Mark Noble and a back to form Jack Collison, combined with cracking performances by Cole and Baldock ensured we just had too much for a Hull team looking for their 5th home win on the trot.  Everyone contributed, though captain Kevin Nolan had a game he probably want to forget.  Our class is starting to show in this league, even if it's not reflected in a posession game, it is reflected in the few goals conceded and the clinical finishing, and that is what we will get us promoted.

Delighted for the lads, as for the keyboard warriors who are still having a go at our manager, feel free to start your campaign to bring Zola back, you'll end up getting the losing football you want to bring back to Upton Park….


  • Dan

    Totally agree,its a myth that we have always played good football,in 30yrs watching us i can barely think of 6 good seasons,althougth 1 of those was incredible 85-86,also people keep saying we have a prem team,rubbish no part of this team is prem class,sam is doing a 1st class job,i love seeing this style of football,i will take being hard to beat over the dross i have been watching in recent years

  • Dan you say no part of this team is prem class, I think that is a bit harsh; Greeno, James, Mat, Carlton, and Mark on a good day, and maybe Sam Baldock, once he has learnt more, are all prem quality. There are a host of other players who are no worse than some of the players at current mid table Prem teams. Apart from that agree 100% with you and the article.
    My two oldest daughters drove up to the game with mates and loved seeing the win.

  • Ka

    Yeah, bit harsh. Some of the squad can do a job in the PL – just look at Stoke, Bolton, Norwich, Wolves etc… The squad isn’t always the problem at Upton Park.
    After the Hull game, I became convinced that we’ll get out this league easily in the end with a good chance of doing it from 1st. The football is purely results driven just like the horrible but sucessful Italian national side and Arsenal teams of the past. With 30,000 crowds and our resources, it should be too much for the other teams in the Championship – have at look at Middlesbrough attendances!
    Next year is what will tough. Can’t see us out of the bottom 7 or so.