Well, there has not exactly been lots of interest so far in this month's transfer window, suggesting that belt tightening is going on at a variety of clubs.  Which I think makes it good news for the buyers, as clubs are desperate to recoup revenue they may have carelessly splurged in the past few years.

I'm not suggesting that Real Madrid are in that situation, but I am hearing interesting things about Ruud Van Nistelrooy coming to Upton Park.  I'm in two minds about this, an undoutedly quality striker, RVN has struggled with injuries of late and we don't really need to add to our medical woes.  But if the Hammers staff are confident he is fit then it would be a nice signing.  Feeling the same kind of way about Benni Mcarthy, his time to join us was a few years ago when coming from Porto, not necessarily now.  His time at Rovers appears to be at an end and again if he can stay fit, would be a nice addition.  The other rumours are Luke Young or Alan Hutton coming in as right back cover (or replacement for Faubert?).  Young would probably be my preference, as he is more defensive minded, Hutton likes to get forward in the same way Faubert does and I'm not sure there is a huge amount of difference between them, Hutton may be a slightly better defender.

Anyhow, definitely interesting times down the Boleyn and it's nice to be able to wonder about who is coming in, not who is going out!  More news as I get it…

  • Ben

    Robbie Keane has been linked too. I think Hutton is a far better option than Faubert. Fauberts crosses are 9 times out of 10 poor as well as his passing. Hutton has got that extra bit of quality that probably lacks on both our wings. Luke Young overall is a good defender but on a few occassions I’ve seen him cost his clubs goals

  • Dan

    It is no exaggeration to say that Faubert is the worst player in the premiership. He possesses no ability to think on the ball and I’ve never seen a pass of his go to one of our players.

  • Dan

    Fauberts like robinho. He can pottentially ne a great player but dosent work for him at our club

  • Hammer-Lad

    all you people who slag down Faubert,
    perhaps he would play better if he wasnt played in a position that isnt his main one, he is a right midfielder not a rightback, this position just adds extra pressure to him because he is out of his comfort zone.

  • I think people are being a bit harsh on Faubert – he has immensley improved this season and always gives 100%, I’ve not seen him disappear in any battles.
    I agree with Hammer Lad, I think he should be playing as a midfielder, however I did read in a recent interview he came back from Madrid deciding he wanted to be a right back and knows that he has to work at his game there. He is constantly improving and could be a valuable player in time.