It was typical West Ham that they gave us some hope until the very death before reverting to type.  But now the fact is clear, and this was not about today's game, this has been about the whole season.  In terms of belief, I'm a bit of liberal when it comes to the Hammers.  I didn't want to rush and sack Grant in January when it looked all over, though I did comes to terms with the idea.  The culture of sacking managers continually abhors me and for anyone who talks of the West Ham way, sacking your manager is certainly not it.  But in reality, it was a tough decision our owners should have stepped up and made.

That said, Grant is clearly off, if he has a shred of deceny he will do it himself.  I'd personally advise for him to not be attending next Sunday, a happy send off he will not receive.  The strange thing about football is that he will be offered another million pound a year contract elsewhere – oh to work in such an industry.  But he can jog on, with numerous failings following him.  It started with the signings in the Summer, with Reid and Barrera not ready for the high bar that the Premier League requires.  It continued with not targetting much needed full backs sooner, keeping the mute Upson as captain and then prioritising cup runs ahead of premier league survival.  That, attached to tactical failings and inconsistency in team selection add up to a manager who is simply not PL standard.

I'm feeling fairly drained and emotional right now, so won't write much more.  But let's be realistic, it's not like we're going to walk away.  We've been teetering on the brink for ages and now the clearout can really begin.  Upson, Dyer, Boa-Morte and more can walk away, and a manager who can marry the nurturing of our youngsters with some Championship League style players will take us through and the board will support them.  In spite of the failings of the board, I still back them, they are not going to walk away and have kept this club from adminstration.  Brady could do with stopping her column if she wants to win respect from the fans, but I have faith in Gold and Sullivan to now be more ruthless in their actions and to turn this ship around.

Have a beer, go for a walk, take a deep breath…….Grant will be a bad memory and we will start in a new era for the club we love…….West Ham UNITED…….

  • You can’t spend the entire season in the drop zone and then be surprised when we get relegated. We got what we deserved.

  • Kiwi iron

    Agreed, time for a proper clearout, let’s get rid of all the passenger, semi retired but still on full time wages, can’t be arsed, in the twighlight of their careers, constantly injured players that have plagued West Ham over the last 6 years or so. We have the best academy in the world, let’s nuture, promote and rebuild from the ground up with a long term manager who understands the West Ham way of playing but also has the tactical nouse to change it up and win dirty when required.

  • Douggie

    If the idiots running the club hadn’t celebrated getting Martin O’Neill before the deal was done we might not be in this mess. The 3 Stooges have got everything they deserve and hopefully it costs them a fortune. Not long ago they were celebrating getting the OS over Spurs with Brady looking like a 3 year old kid with a stupid smirk on her face. Sadly, they seemed to have forgotten that they were residing over a useless football team full of overpaid mercenaries. Why do I hate Brady so much and want to blame her? I think I am being irrational, but as soon as I heard an Arsenal supporter was running our club I just knew what was going to happen. We could bounce back, but unfortunately we are more likely to go into free fall. How Orient and Tottenham must be laughing.

  • milky bar yid

    Least you got the Olympic Stadium though……

  • Ken Pearce

    Time for a clear out. 1st the whole Management Team, next Dyer, Kovac, Boa Morte, Reid, Ilunga, Faubert, Spence, Gabbidon, Upson, Daprela, Piquionee, Barrera.
    Next who will leave will be the loaners, Keane, Ba, Bridge. This will be followed by the so called England stars, Cole, and Green. Then unfortunately Parker.
    This leaves the young players, Hitz, Jacobsen, O’Neill, Noble, Tomkins, Da Costa, and players that will have to be drafted in. The first thing is to get rid of the manager and his team. Then appoint a new manager to oversee the exodus of mercenaries, and the inevitable turnover of playing staff. The summer should be spent getting ready for the Championship and building a team, and that is the important word “Team” that can at least get us survival in the Championship.
    Then we can consider aiming to get back in to the Premiership, but the finances will have to be sorted out, as well as the playing staff in time for the Olyimpic stadium.
    It will be interesting to see if the Board have the stomach for the decisions needed, and keep their mouths shut and just get on with it.

  • Daniel

    lets look at a few facts regarding owners and debt,straumor took over in relation to a debt they were owed,so the club had to be worth money,you dont take minus 120mil for a debt then when they sold there was 3 or 4 bids, portsmouth could find no bidders with debts of around 60 mil and why did straumor choose to hold on to 50% when if the club was in such debt it would be stupid to hold on to 50%,the other bids were for full ownership at 100 mil and if we had debts of 120 mil our value would be 220 mil no way,i belive our owners have over played the debt has an excuse for doing there job on the cheap,even after sulivan & gold this week saying it was armaggedon if we go down brady says our finances are not that bad,if this is the case it makes there refusal to sack grant even worse has they cant have been confident he could keep us up so it had to be about the pay off and he is awfull the worst manager ever seen in premier league

  • Iron Man

    ha ha Ken you make me laugh!!!! Forget moving to the Olympic Stadium,,,,,,its now a no-goer!!!WHU have to concentrate on rebuilding a team to get back to the PL, and that will take 2 years. WH will not be “bouncing” straight back up like some daydreamers think!!!! The Championship sides are more competitive now than 6 years ago, and WH will find it tough in that division next year with a new cobbled together team. SuGoBra will take this club to bankruptcy unless we get out of this stupidly timed OS nonsense!!!! Even Arse fans complain about the “soulless and lifeless” Emptycrates Stadium, and the Olympic Stadium will be far worse than that!!!!! The atmosphere at Upton Park is amongst the top 5 in the world, and we are about to lose that because Sullivan, Gold and Brady have their heads up their a55holes dreaming about bigger and better things. They are trying to punch above their weight with all these pie in the sky dreams, and last year it all sounded good, but reality now is that Championship football awaits, and money and resources need to put in that direction, rather than being wasted on legal fees surrounding the new stadium legal proceedings about to engulf us all!!!!

  • Tony

    Just wanted to thank for this Down and Out article.
    Thank you.
    Right attitude.

  • Newcastle fan!

    I was very sad to see west ham go down.. You guys, just like newcastle a couple of years back had a lot of good players on paper but nothing showed on the pitch.. But don’t you worry.. clear out all the nonsense and you guys will be back stronger than ever just like newcastle. Wish you all the best in the championship and hope you guys comeback without the slightest delay.