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West Ham United legends: Joe Cole

It's a curse of living in a football-obsessed nation like England that the most gifted players are regularly sunk under the weight of media expectation. Joe Cole was one of the few for whom the pressure seemed not to matter. Ominously...

West Ham United legends: Sir Geoff Hurst

When most people think of Geoff Hurst, inevitably their minds turn to that day at Wembley Stadium in 1966, when the striker netted a hat-trick to win the World Cup for England. It was the crowning moment in the history...
Former West Ham striker Paolo Di Canio

West Ham legends: Paolo Di Canio

Paolo Di Canio’s other-worldly strike for West Ham United against Wimbledon in March 2000 is one of the rare goals that even in isolation tells you everything you need to know about the scorer’s ability. Peeling off the back of...


Pre Season Predictions

I like to check on my predictions pre season again in May time, and invite you all to do the same.  So, here we...