Grant has now been sacked – apparently, Gold and Sullivan asked Dave Whelan for a room to do at the JJB, which he no doubt gave with a smile on his face and have sacked him.  As I said in my previous post, I could not believe he would be at Upton Park next week.  Now we know that he won't.  Bye bye Avram, don't ever come back…

  • tony

    The only reason Grant has been sacked now is because the owners don’t want him to be booed, or worse, next week. I think that any good old Wham fans going next week should have a booing slogan for sullivan and gold!!!

  • would you believe the brass neck of them new owners

    So the dildo duo have finally acted and no doubt the fat cow will have lots to say about it later.All season the writing has been on the wall,no one with any grey cells ever thought Grant was the right choice and come christmas and the new year did,nt those three imbeciles prove how inept,how devoid of any sense of honour and how ridiculous they could be when they made a balls of replacing Grant with another manager.In fact the alleged new manager was so disgusted at their treatment of Grant that he backed out of a move to the club and probably this hastened the relegation of the club.Grant had to go but there is a way to do it properly and the dildo duo have shown they are still a pair of barrow boys with no class and finally to try and show the fans we are with you they act like spoilt brats,what has this once proud if not great club done to deserve these three tripe hounds.Its going to be a long hard and fruitless season unless things change quickly.

  • Smug for a day

    To be fair, West Ham belong in the championship. Their players and manager are sub premier league standard. Scott Parker aside – who will be joining Tottenham’s 30 odd existing midfielders – all their players have failed to deliver. At least they will have a lovely stadium to watch Championship football from …. assuming that they sort the image right out for the new club binoculars!

  • smug for a day

    *image rights*

  • JH

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!! a great day for football. Enjoy your olympic stadium 20 metres from the pitch with 45000 empty seats in the championship (if you don’t get relegated from that first).
    Blow them bubbles………..Muppets

  • Geoff

    Sorry to see West Ham relegated.
    Good luck in coming straight back up.
    NUFC fan


    Anyone who believes relegation can in any way be a good thing for Westham is deluded,likewise anyone who thinks we will bounce straight back and it was all Avram Grants fault is in my opinion in for a shock.The dildo duo and the gobby cow are still there and from what we have seen so far i do not feel full of confidence in this bunch of inepts.The championship is a tough division and we are going to lose the few diamonds we have as well as the dross,of course rich owners are not queueing up to buy the club and any half decent player will not be excited at signing for a club where the owners are constantly slagging them off but cant be bothered to travel to away games like the fans do week in week out,this club could go in to freefall and slip even further,we need players for the cause not a tin shack stadium that is miles from the pitch.

  • Michael Ryan

    Delighted to see them relegated. I used to like West Ham but the owners are a complete joke!! Even the way they sacked the manager lacked class! They undermined the team at every opportunity and the manager also. They should be ashamed. But they lay the blame at Grants door. What a joke!!

  • Michael Ryan

    But the major problem at West ham is not even the owners, its the deluded fans!! How do they think that everything will be ok that grant is gone? The owners and Brady are still there. They are the real architects of this downfall!!