I don't usually talk things non West Ham here, but there's a great reaction to the shocking scenes at Old Trafford today on the Guardian website.  I think the reason I care is that their behaviour is so detrimental to a game that has faced many challenges of late, and this above the law and beyond reproach behaviour is tarnishing a sport that had to work so hard to recover from the state it was in years ago.

No doubt Liverpool's response will be to wear more Suarez T-shirts and create a greater siege mentality, the FA will bark but not bite and thousands of kids playing football in the park will think that sportsmanship is a thing of the past.  Today really was a sad for football, and I just don't see enough soul searching coming out of Anfield to redeem it.

The Guardian article is here

  • Kenny

    It’s actually a flawed piece, the journalist believes Dalglish is wrong to support his player because the Journalist himself doesn’t think he should.
    It all boils down to what Suarez believes – Suarez obviously believes that Evra lied about him to get him in trouble. Ask yourself if you believed someone had lied about you to get you in trouble would you shake his hand in public giving the impression that everything was alright and you accepted this persons lies as truth?

  • Dan

    The author of the Guardian piece, Daniel Taylor, wrote the autobiograhy for Ferguson…

  • james jackson

    I agree with Suarez I have never thought Suarez was guilty as accused. Look at Evras record and his comments on Youtube. The Chelsea official does not like Evra. If I do not want to shake hands with someone then that is my decision. Sir Big mouth should get down off his high horse. Roney Giggs and Ferdinand etc SAF have alook at Youtube and change your Captain. The media blow things up to get a story.

  • dear all,
    look at the video on then tell me Suarez is the one refusing to shake hands!
    Evra is clever but uses it for the forces of evil. If i thought suarez was a racist i wouldn’t want him any where near my club.

  • The adults (Suarez/Evra/Terry/Ferdinand/Blatter/the FA/fans) have been shameful, pathetic and ineffectual where the racism issue is concerned. And what example are they setting to the kids. So here are some kids setting an example to the adults.

  • James

    Interesting clip that. Does make me laugh how Evra is being portrayed as victim when he’s one of the biggest wind-up merchants in football. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s made derogatory remarks about the opposition before big games to get a reaction. Not condoning racism (if there was any on Suarez’s part) but I find it difficult to have much sympathy for Evra and his celebrating at the end was classless and warrants a punishment. That’s the thing that can “start a riot” as Ferguson put it, not refusing to shake someone’s hand.

  • Ray Hand

    As bad as each other and embarrassing for such ‘top-notch’ clubs! Grow up and concentrate on football rather than your own pathetic hatred of each other! As sad as it gets!

  • Cb

    Sorry but if Suarez said what he admitted he did then he and Liverpool should be apologising
    Not doing the scousers normal reaction of playing the victims
    No doubt next week they will have a minutes silence for luis suarez’s reputation
    If I said that at my work then I would rightly be sacked
    Apparently if you a good footballer at Liverpool tho not only will you not be sacked, reprimanded or punished in anyway, but the entire club will come out and support you
    A stain on the reputation of a great club

  • Cb

    Justo check with some of the above statements-
    Suarez admittedly racially abusing player
    Suarez refusing to either apologise or shake hands
    + evra celebrating with his own fans
    = Evra bad, Suarez good?
    Sorry personally can’t stand either player or club but that is bollox, Liverpool done irreversable damage to their reputation for me

  • TKP

    Fergie and all you people in lock-step with him is so out of touch. This is not a ‘racism’ issue at all – and both Fergie and Evra know it. They saw a way to trying and hang Suarez and LFC – and they took it. Suarez is part black and has done a lot of charity work in the slums of South America. He is not racist, the FA says his not racist, Evra said he didn’t think he was racist – but Fergie keeps banging on about racism. What we saw today was the inability of Suarez to capitulate (again) in the moment. He’s paid his fine, done his time, and been vilified in the English press as the poster boy of racism – in the biggest country of bigots and thugs. That hurts! He was forced to drop his appeal, watched as Terry and Ferdinand were let off the handshakes, and now expected to kowtow to a sneering Evra. He is foolish and petulant – but he’s 24 years old. Now we have Fergie talking about him as if he were a murderer needing to be taken out. This is why Dalglish is angry – it’s political and it’s machiavellian. The media want their little foreign immigrant scapegoat to absolve England of its history of hooligan ugliness. The whole thing is a farce and I can’t believe all these pious, sanctimonious comments I’m reading.

  • Rod

    What exactly did Suarez say to Evra that was racist? I’m a Hammer’s fan who now lives in the USA and have many family and friends that are from South America. Is it offensive to call a person of African descent who has a darker complection ‘negro’ when that is what ‘black’ is in Spanish? I hear it often and it is not being used in an offensive manner…is there more that was said?
    It does seem that Evra is culpable for today’s antics and the next few days should be interesting…

  • Cb

    Suarez has Been in Europe for 6 years, the it’s ok in south a
    Eric’s defence is bullshit
    It’s not ok in holland and not in
    England an he knows it

  • anon

    I haven’t seen a transcript of what Suarez said to Evra so its difficult to say in which context negro was used but its highly unlikely it was used in complimentary fashion, the use of the word reminds me a bit of the use of word Paki for Pakistanis, i have Pakistani friends who call themselves Paki in the same way Scottish people call themselves Scot’s or Scotch, but also it can be used as an insult so your on shaky ground if you decide to use it. Back to the point Dalglish shouldn’t have defended Suarez as it was a childish action he took in the same way Evra’s celebration was, the action caused more hostility between supporters and could have or will cause larger repercussions for the club. The club is bigger than the player, Suarez should learn that but like most footballers he thinks he is bigger than anyone else so coudn’t care less about who is affected.

  • I agree with this article. Some people believe (probably all Liverpool fans) that Suarez is innocent, the same fans who were charged with racist chants earlier on this season. The fact of the matter is he WAS found guilty. This coming from a player who is a clear cheat and unprofessional, kicking Scott Parker in the stomach, swearing at away fans the list goes on. All though this is my opinion and in no case is it valid I believe that Suarez is a embarrassment to Liverpool, him self and the EPL.

  • John

    After all this thats been goin on the world should all grow up lm not racist at all lm been livong in Australia for the last 42 years and Greek heratige when l was young we europeans were called wogs we all grew up much stronger from all those name calling ,lm a whu supporter but watched the game lfc and man utd if suarez didnt shake evra hand thats upto each indavidual but wat evra did after the game was a disgrace he wanted to push evra to do somethin that wouldve got everyone in a massive scuffle , l didnt like wat suarez did to scott parker last week he shouldve got a life ban for that .

  • John

    As for sir pig fergie have a look at your club b4 talking about others fix up your own backyard Evra Rooney and others b4 talking about Suarez being a bad thing for Liverpool and the game . Your a fool Sir Alex Fergie ….